23 June 2021

SKR wrights about HIPR

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SKR wrights about HIPR

Close care is a new way of working with health, care and nursing. Self-care is the closest form of care for the patient / user and caregivers now need to provide support to make this possible to a greater extent. Close care together with new ways of working increases accessibility and means that resources can be used better in health and care. A person-centered approach means involving patients and users and adapting care interventions to each person's special needs.

SKR has recently published a publication with a compilation of several good and learning examples of close care for children and young people. It can hopefully give you and your clinic or organization tips and inspiration. It is completely free and you can read or download it here

Ps. If you do not have the time or desire to read the whole, we can warmly recommend pages 87-91.