Safe and secure titration that simplifies everyday life for both caregivers and patients.

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Medilevel improves communication between patients and caregivers during the titration and can be easily adapted to a wide range of different medications.


Medilevel HIPR

HIPR is an IT system that, together with new working methods, solves several problems for patients, doctors and nurses when titrating medication for the treatment of ADHD.

Medilevel SENO

SENO is a system for a safer and more secure titration of antidepressants. The patient can discuss with the relatives and the healthcare provider how the patient is feeling and the effect of the medicine.


Region Gävleborg

In 2015, BUP within the Gävleborg Region started a project in the form of increased self-care through medication follow-up at home. There, patients with ADHD borrowed blood pressure monitors to manage the registration of measured values at home.
Region Gävleborg


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75% färre uteblivna besök med HIPR

Enligt den senaste ekonomirapporten från SKR, minstar antalet uteblivna besök med 75% hos de patienter som använder HIPR vid insättning och uppföljnin...


HIPR is noticed by Crown Princess Viktoria

Yesterday, the Gävleborg Region was visited by Crown Princess Viktoria and Prince Daniel. During the visit, they met Måns Lööf, care developer, who to...