Our product

Medilevel is a digital communication tool for improved safety and decision-making between patients and caregivers. Medilevel is available for the treatment of ADHD and depression and can easily be adapted to a wide range of different medications. Choose between In-house operation or hosting with us.
Our product

Medilevel HIPR

HIPR is an IT system that, together with new working methods, solves several problems for patients, doctors and nurses when titrating medication for the treatment of ADHD.

Medilevel SENO

SENO is a system for a safer and more secure titration of antidepressants. The patient can discuss with the relatives and the healthcare provider how the patient is feeling and the effect of the medicine.

A modern way of working

A titration of medicine is often both a long and resource-intensive process. This leads to unnecessary side effects, anxiety and suffering patients. For caregivers, the result is a waste of resources that could be used in a better way.

As a Service or In-house

We want our system to be as simple as possible for you as a customer. That is why we offer our solution in two different options. You can choose between using the system as a service, a so-called SAAS solution (Software As A Service) or the system is installed in your existing IT environment.

The SAAS solution is perfect for you who may not have your own IT environment and do not want to spend time and resources on taking care of an IT system. If you choose this solution, you can start immediately because the system is already up and running and just waiting for you and your patients. Very suitable for smaller units and private caregivers.

If you already have your own IT environment and have the knowledge and resources to take care of an IT system, it may be better to install our system with you. You then have complete control over the system and can plan the operation completely according to your own needs. This solution is well suited for large units and regions.