Medilevel's system for titrating ADHD medicine.
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Improved care with better follow-up.

Better data means that doctors and nurses can more quickly get an idea of how the medicine works and can make the necessary adjustments. The mobile communication enables remote registration, which reduces the number of physical visits to health clinics and provides the opportunity for more frequent reporting.

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Cost effective

With the more efficient treatment, the cost per patient is significantly reduced. Calculations show a cost saving of at least 40%. The time required per patient is reduced and makes it possible to treat 8-10 times more patients with unchanged resources.

Mans loof

“I have never learned so much about ADHD medication as now after the launch of HIPR and I feel much more confident as a nurse when I make my decisions.”

Måns Lööf
Region Gävleborg

Resource-efficient treatment

Fewer physical visits relieves the health clinics, which increases their capacity and provides the opportunity for better care for patients with extra needs. Fewer trips reduce stress in patients, provides more accurate data and are good for the environment.

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Easy to use

The patient can, together with relatives and the healthcare provider, in completely new ways, discuss how the patient is feeling and the effect of the medicine. Consensus on treatment is increasing. The family becomes more involved and can more easily follow the patient's mood.

The patient uses the HIPR app to register whether they have taken their medication, heart rate, blood pressure, the perceived effect of the medication and any side effects.

Instead of the patient visiting the CS nurses at the clinic several times, the number of physical visits is reduced by the patient borrowing a blood pressure cuff. The patient can also go to the student health center or a health center for help measuring blood pressure and heart rate. The patient submits values and tells how they feel with the help of their mobile phone.

The HIPR app is currently available in Swedish and English and can be downloaded via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Williamvisar Viktoriaoch Daniel

"HIPR is a super good app and I do not have to go to BUP."

William, 10 år

Listen to the interview with William (in Swedish)

100% satisfied users

During the first year that they used HIPR, the Gävleborg region conducted a survey among both patients and staff. All patients and all staff who used HIPR were very satisfied and gave HIPR a score of 10 out of 10.

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