30 September 2020

Winner of Guldpillret 2020

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Winner of Guldpillret 2020

Once again, our product HIPR has been awarded a very nice prize. This time it is Guldpillret, which was established by Läkemedelsföreningen in collaboration with Dagens Medicin and Apoteksmarknaden, which has been awarded Medilevel and Region Gävleborg.

Motivation of the jury:

“This year's winners have developed a smart digital follow-up support that creates benefits for patients, their families, healthcare and society. Adherence to and follow-up of drug treatment of young patients with ADHD has been improved. The technology has a future potential due to its scalability to other diagnoses and patient groups."

The jury emphasizes the importance of knowledge databases and digital tools used in healthcare being based on information that is open and that the algorithms are available for review.

The winners were presented live on 30 September at a webinar on medicines in everyday healthcare. The program addresses a number of current issues on the agenda for the work of making drug use better and safer.

Medicines are the most common treatment in health care, and deserve more attention when it comes to working for better patient safety. There are many who work ambitiously for patients to receive good and safe drug treatment. Work is underway in health and care at all levels, at authorities, in pharmacies and in the pharmaceutical industry, and there are exciting collaborative projects between healthcare, pharmacies, companies and research.

This is the eleventh year in a row that Guldpillret has been awarded. The prize was established in 2010 by Läkemedelsförsäkringen. During all these years, Guldpillret has been awarded in collaboration with Dagens Medicin.

Since 2019, HIPR has been used with good results in Region Gävleborg. We have seen that the effect of the medicine can now be measured more clearly. Patients and parents are more involved in the administration of the medicine and we notice a more compliant treatment where the side effects of the medicine are reduced. HIPR has meant that patients who use it increase attendance at school and parents do not have to take time off from work. Many and long journeys are avoided, which also leads to positive environmental effects. With fewer visits to the nurse when inserting medication, an already strained care queue is relieved.

HIPR has been developed as a collaborative project between Region Gävleborg and Medilevel AB. Region Gävleborg has been responsible for the medical knowledge and Medilevel AB for the technical know-how and development.